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Are you stuck in the speaking task in IELTS? Have you ever wondered what could be the possible reasons? In this blog we aim to address some common errors people commit and how we can speak better answers.

1. Be specific

A lot of people speak anything irrespective of what the question is because they wish to consume more time and think that if they elongate the sentence, the answer would be correct. The answer will be incorrect. Be specific. For example, the questions asks you about your preference for any cuisine. The answer needs to be specific ie I like eating chinese because…

2. Avoid generic statements

Generic statements as answers are an absolute “No”.

3. Identify the pattern

All speaking task Part 2 asks you to explain – for example. Explain why would you like to meet this writer?

In your answer give an explanation and reasons as that is what the question is. If you are not good at fabricating information, do not fabricate an answer. Speak genuinely.

4. Bullet Points

In Part 2 speaking, one gets a minute to record bullet points for the answer. Utilise your time effectively. Write bullet points and refer to them while you are speaking your answer.

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