Who are those who score IELTS band 8 and above?

Recently I read a post claiming that there aren’t many people who can score band 8. Now who are those who score band 8 and above.

1. We can do it

A language can be mastered over a period of time and anyone can do it. Unfortunately, many people take IELTS exam before improving their English speaking and writing skills.

My suggestion to everyone who has scored less than band 6 repeatedly, kindly first improve your English language ability.

2. How much time does it take to learn English language?

It takes at least 6 months to improve one band level. To calculate how much time you need to enhance your abilities, calculate your present score and subtract it from the desired band score. Then, see how many bands you need to improve and multiply that by 6 months. Is six months a sacrosanct figure? No it isn’t if you can pick up the language quickly.

3. Where can I learn English?

There are many self help books which can help you acquire the language. Alternatively, you can go to a good teacher or institute which can teach you English. Some self help books are Grammar for IELTS, Vocabulary for IELTS, and Complete IELTS.

4. The 3 P’s

Patience, Perseverance and practice is the key to success. Be patient to learn and acquire the language. Keep practising and persevering. Only when at your home you score more than the desired band, one should appear for the exam.

There are many people who score the desired band 7 plus in the first attempt because either they have done the above. Or, there are many who have English speaking background from their school and families and have already mastered the language. These people only need to learn the tips and techniques to clear the exam.

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